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  Temperature  Sensor ---
    Contact Tem. Sensor (j,k,pt100,s,b,r type)
    Non Contact Temperature Sensor & Thermometer----
    Non Contact IR Temp. Sensor

  • Level Sensor & Switches for Liquid & Solid Material.
    • Optic Level Sensor
    • Capacitance Level Sensor
    • Ultrasonic Level Sensor
    • Cable Type Float Switches
    • Miniature Level Switches
    • Side Mounted Level Sensor
    • Conductive Type Level Switches
    • Multipoint Top Level Switches
    • Magnetic Float Level Switches
    • RF - Admittance Type Level Sensor
    • Radder Transmitter
    • Vibration Fork Sensor
    • Rotary Paddle Switch
    • Vibration Fork Sensor
  • Safety
    • Industrial Safety Products
    • Anti Crane Collision Switch
    • SMPS
    • Safety Light Curtain
    • Boundary Wall Barrier
    • Motion PIR Sensor.

Special  Sensor and instruments -----  Humidity Sensor  ,PRESSURE TRANSMITTER, FLOW meter Special Sensor & Instruments --
IR Thermometer ---- KIMO Make - U.K. Solar Intensity Sensor –KIMO Make  – U.K.  Portable Measuring Instrument--- Vibration Meter, Infrared Thermometer, Tachometer, Gas Detector, Vibration Sensor, Hot Metal Detector, Solar Intensity Instruments, etc.
Gas Sensors - Made by MSR ELECTRONIC, Germany.

Our Indian channel partners are :

Intelligent Gas Alarm India (P) Ltd. Gases - CO2, CO, NO, NO2, O2, NH2, H2S, CL2, SO2, HCN, LPG Leak Detector.
Ethylene and nearly 85 gases. Sensing Technology- duel beam IR, Range for toxic, LEL for Combustibles, % volume as per client specification
Output- 4-20Ma / 0-10 VDC, Gas Controller For monitoring CO, CO2, NO, NO2, NH3, O2, SO2, H2S, CL2, etc. Up to 12 Analog Outputs .4-20 Ma .IP 65, enclosure with clear transparent hinged LED.

        Drive  &  Control  System--
        A.C Drive, PLC, HMI - CROMPTON GREAVES Make
        Stepper Drive System  
        Servo Drive System
        Soft  Starter

  • Process Transmitter and Flow Meter
    • Pressure Transmitter
    • Temperature Transmitter
    • Vibration Transmitter
    • Flow Meter
    • Water Meter
  • Process Indicator & Controller
    • Tachometer
    • PID Temperature Controller
    • Humidity Controller
    • Timers/Counters/Totalisers
    • Level Controller
    • Data Logger
    • Large  Display
    • Mfg - Electric Control Panel
    • Electric Control Panel
    • VFD Control Panel
    • Automation Control Panel.
    • Stepper and servo drive control, PLC control panel
    • MCC, APFC Control Panel
    • MFG--Servo Stabilizer(From 0.5KVA to 750KVA)